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Driver Charged with DUI on Miami Beach Acquitted by Jury

March 22, 2016

A driver leaving Miami Beach at 3:00 a.m. was observed by an officer following another vehicle too closely on the McArthur Causeway. At trial, the Miami Beach officer testified that the driver exhibited all of the signs of impairment including bloodshot eyes, slurred speech, strong odor of alcohol on his breath and he was unsteady on his feet. The officer also testified that he failed all of the roadside exercises, HGN, walk-and-turn, finger-to-nose, one-leg-stand and balance test. The driver was arrested and transported to the jail, where he refused to take the breath test. The prosecutor refused to drop the charge or reduce the DUI to a lesser charge.

Faced with having a DUI conviction on his record for the rest of his life, higher insurance rates, hundreds of dollars in fines, probation, impounding of his car and many other penalties, the driver elected to go to trial. As with every trial conducted by our firm, our Miami DUI attorney prepared and tried the case. Following a two-day trial, the jury returned a not guilty verdict in twenty minutes.

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