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DONET, MCMILLAN & TRONTZ, P.A. At Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A., the results that we have been able to achieve on a consistent basis for our clients have given us an outstanding reputation throughout Miami and South Florida. Because of our proven record that often goes unmatched in the legal community, our firm's name has become synonymous with trial-winning representation and tireless client advocacy.

Though we cannot guarantee the same results for every client, we do encourage you to read through the following case results to get a feel for how we can provide the same level of defense to your particular circumstances. We strongly believe that the proof is in our numbers. We are more than confident in our ability to bring a satisfactory resolution to your case.

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RESULT: Immunity and Dismissal A Life-Altering Road Rage Case and a Stand Your Ground Defense When our client approached a stop at a traffic light in Hallandale Beach Boulevard, he could no longer evade two bikers who had been trying to corral or cut him off. One of them got off his bike, and our client heard a loud bang on the driver's side. Scared, he reached out for his gun, and then the biker violently opened the door of his truck. Our client instinctively fired two shots. They struck the biker, which resulted in severe injuries and permanent disability. Our client was charged with attempted murder in the first degree, which is punishable by life imprisonment. Mr. McMillan and Mr. Donet were devoted to helping our client clear his name as quickly as possible and sprang into action. Mr. McMillan prepared and filed a "stand your ground" motion. And, after months of hard work and three days of hearings, our client was granted immunity and dismissal.

RESULT: Reduced Defense Lawyer Saves Client from Three Year Mandatory Prison Sentence for Operating a Miami Marijuana Grow House DMT represented a client arrested for marijuana trafficking and cultivation by operating a grow house in Hialeah Gardens. Upon the execution of a search warrant, detectives discovered in excess of 100 plants with a weight that subjected our client to a 3 year minimum mandatory sentence. As a result of a potentially defective search warrant, our defense attorneys argued that the judge could have suppressed the marijuana plants confiscated by the detectives. As a result, the State Attorney's Office waived the mandatory prison sentence and our client avoided prison and served a short term of probation.
RESULT: Reduced Client Charged with Miami Armed Trafficking in Cocaine Case Sentenced to Five Years Probation While under surveillance by Miami narcotics detectives, our client left an apartment carrying two kilograms of cocaine. Narcotics detectives approached and arrested our client. One of the detectives claimed that he observed the kilograms of cocaine inside the bag. An attorney from DMT filed a motion to suppress the stop and arrest. The Miami State Attorney's Office reviewed our motion to suppress and understood the merits of our arguments. As a result, the prosecutor reduced the charge of Armed Cocaine Trafficking (which carries a life sentence) to cocaine trafficking and offered our client five years of probation. Client Charged in Miami Cocaine Trafficking Sentenced to House Arrest. While stopped in a mall parking lot, our client was observed smoking marijuana in the front passenger seat of an automobile. Police officers allegedly observed our client smoking marijuana. After being arrested, the police searched our client and found more than 28 grams of cocaine in his cargo pocket. Our client was arrested for trafficking in cocaine. Prior to retaining DMT, our client had been represented by two other Miami criminal defense law firms. The best result those firms could obtain was one year in the county jail. After our Miami criminal defense lawyers analyzed the case and broke it down, and subsequently filed several pre-trial motions. After reviewing our motions and knowing our reputation, the prosecutor offered a plea which resulted in house arrest. The initial cocaine trafficking charged carried a three year minimum prison sentence.
RESULT: Reduced Alleged Miami Cocaine Trafficker Receives County Time Our client was arrested for cocaine trafficking in excess of 400 grams when he allegedly sold a kilo to a confidential informant. The confidential informant, employed by the Miami-Dade Police Department, allegedly purchased the cocaine from our client. A Miami criminal defense lawyer from DMT filed a motion to suppress the cocaine, as our client's vehicle was illegally searched without a warrant. Additionally, DMT convinced the prosecutor that our client was entrapped into committing the crime. As a result of both defenses, our client received credit time served after serving a little time in the county jail.
RESULT: Reduced Client Facing Life In Prison For Kidnapping And Sexual Battery Accepts Plea To Misdemeanor With Short Period Of Probation Our client's ex-girlfriend contacted law enforcement accused him of forcing her into his residence and sexually assaulting her. The client was arrested and held without bail as kidnaping is a first degree felony punishable by life in prison. The criminal defense team began work immediately on the case to refute the allegations made by the girlfriend. DMT was able to obtain witness testimony and video surveillance from several local establishment to refute the allegation. Our lawyers presented several witnesses to the prosecutor to demonstrate that our client and the alleged victim had a previous sexual relationship and in fact, she had been stalking and harassing our client. The video surveillance tapes depicted our client and the alleged victim consuming alcohol and mutual flirting at three local bars and a gas station. The defense witnesses and the video surveillance was enough to convince the prosecutor that the case had significant issues. The defendant accepted a plea to a misdemeanor offense and was immediately released from custody. DMT's proactive and creative approach to the defense of the case prevented our client from spending months or even years in prison.
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