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Criminal Defense: Public Corruption

Miami Public Corruption Defense Lawyers

Public corruption is a general term that can cover numerous criminal offenses within the State of Florida. The crimes themselves that are charged in public corruption cases apply equally to defendants that are accused of violating the public trust, as well as to private civilians. Criminal offenses such as bribery, extortion, kickbacks, embezzlement, fraud and money laundering are the most common offenses that fall under the umbrella of public corruption. Public corruption cases all involve persons charged with crimes while holding public office. Cases dealing with public officials charged with offenses are sometimes more sensitive than others as all public corruption cases gain the attention of the media.

Miami Public Corruption Defense Lawyers
Individuals charged in public corruption cases face a double edged sword. First, the majority of the offenses charged in public corruption cases are felonies that can certainly result in jail or prison sentences. Secondly, public officials charged in a corruption cases can lose their public service jobs, as well as, being precluded from ever running for or holding public office in the future.

All public corruption cases have high stakes. It is imperative that any public official charged with a criminal offense seek representation from experienced and dedicated criminal lawyers. The attorneys at DMT have successfully defended public officials charged with offenses in Miami-Dade County. Offenses typically charged in public corruption cases include:

Defense Options for Charges of Public Corruption

Public corruption crimes can be investigated and prosecuted both in state and federal court. The Miami-Dade County State Attorneys Office has hand selected prosecutors with years of experience in the field to work in their public corruption section. They are responsible for investigating police officers, politicians and any other public officials charged with misconduct. The federal government, usually the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), investigates and prosecutes public corruption cases across the country. Criminal penalties both in state and federal court can include incarceration and fines. Public corruption cases are taken seriously because they compromise the public trust and can have serious ramifications regarding our economy, our judicial system and our political system as a whole. Public corruption can occur at the local, state and federal levels of government. Public corruption cases are highly sensitive for the client and the community. These cases must be handled with the utmost discretion and with the highest degree of legal representation to obtain the best results possible. It is imperative to hire skilled counsel to protect your career in politics or law enforcement. Our public corruption defense lawyers are here to protect your rights and your career using creative and innovative defense strategies.

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To speak with an experienced Miami public corruption defense lawyer at the law firm of DMT about your case or any other matter relating to allegations of public corruption, please contact us to schedule a free consultation. DMT represents defendants in all complex criminal matters. You can contact our office at (305) 444-0030 or reach us by completing our contact page or by sending an e-mail.

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