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Sex Offender Registration: What It Is & How It Affects Your Life

March 24, 2016

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Picture of a Man Registered in The Sexual Offender Registry. To Avoid this Hire Skilled Miami Sex Crime LawyersSex crimes in the United States are arguably the most strictly punished criminal offenses on the books. State and federal penalties if convicted can include thousands of dollars in fines, monies paid to the alleged victim, and years behind bars, most likely in prison. But the most damaging punishment of them all may be forced sexual offender registration, learn exactly what it is from the experienced Miami sex crime lawyers at Donet, McMillan & Trontz.

While national sex offender registry lists were initially created to allow the public to know when a particularly dangerous sex crime convict was in their neighborhood, it has become commonplace for judges to tack this penalty onto even the mildest of sex offenses. The result is that people who would have served a few months in jail and paid a couple thousand in fines and been done with it now have to carry the burden of their conviction for the rest of their lives. This is a punishment that has very few parallels in the criminal justice system, even when considering people who have been convicted for iolent crimes.

Permanent Impacts of Sex Offender Registration

Sex crime convicts will need to register several times each year to update the list about their physical address, occupation at an educational facility, or their enrollment at an educational institution. Failing to meet these strict and seemingly redundant guidelines can constitute a felony crime and slam you with even more legal penalties. In effect, forgetfulness can put you behind bars for more than a year.

The true consequences go even further, however. In Florida, people convicted of a sex crime can be labeled as either a sexual predator or a sexual offender. While the titles carry slightly different legal penalties, the social stigma attached to each is equally devastating. The public has constant access to sexual offender registries and those convicted must tell their neighbors, employers, and others that they have been deemed a sexual offender or predator. This will usually cost people their jobs, and therefore their livelihood. They may be forced to move if they live too closely to a school, even if their alleged acts had nothing to do with minors. It is also not uncommon for the court to strip someone of their parental responsibilities and rights if they are convicted for a sex crime, effectively dismantling their happiness and family life.

Your Future Must Be Defended

At Donet, McMillan & Trontz, P.A., we provide staunch criminal defense strategies to our clients accused of serious sex offenses in Florida. We know how much is on the line and how much damage could come to your life and livelihood if proper defensive actions are not taken right away. Preventing a conviction through an acquittal or case dismissal is ideal, but our Miami criminal defense attorneys strive to go above and beyond what you would expect from your defense lawyer. In order to feel that we have done all we can to protect you from a system that is likely biased against you, we will want to completely defeat the prosecution's claims, restoring your good name as if you had never been accused in the first place.Call (305) 444-0030 to schedule your free consultation with our team today.
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