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Marijuana Trafficking Arrests Increase In Central Florida

January 18, 2010

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Posted on Jan 18, 2010 12:00am PST
The efforts of the Miami-Dade Police Department's narcotics investigation units have detected and shut down numerous Miami marijuana trafficking rings over the past several months. Dozens of Miami marijuana grow houses have been busted as a result of the increased efforts of local law enforcement. As a result of their efforts, residents of Miami are make the journey north to cultivate marijuana in what they believe is a safer environment, free from detection. Miami criminal lawyers represent defendants up and down the east coast of Florida and central Florida in an effort to keep their clients from serving significant prison times. Mandatory prison sentences attach to those arrested and convicted of marijuana trafficking.

As the marijuana trade moves north, so do the number of arrests in the counties north of Miami. Many times marijuana possession arrests in Miami gives leads to other grow house operations that exist north of Miami-Dade County. Recently, Miami-Dade narcotics detectives provided information to the Citrus County Sheriff's Department regarding a large marijuana trafficking ring operating Hernando, Florida. The department issued two search warrants on private residences and made three arrests. Two sophisticated grow house operation were discovered that were in the process of cultivating hundreds of high quality marijuana plants.

Two Hispanic males and one Hispanic female were arrested and charged with trafficking in cannabis, conspiracy to traffic in cannabis and leasing or renting a structure with the intent of cultivating a controlled substance. All three defendants attended their initial bond hearing and were held without bail. It is not clear whether the co-defendants will seek local counsel or retain experienced Miami marijuana trafficking lawyers to defend their interests. Eventually, the co-defendant's will most likely receive a bond, unless of course firearms were present on the premises. If an individual operates a grow house and possesses firearms on the premises, the charge of armed trafficking in marijuana will likely follow which is non-bondable offense.

If someone is charged with a non-bondable offense in the State of Florida, relief can be sought at an Arthur Hearing. Depending on the jurisdiction, bonds can usually be obtained at such a hearing depending on the offense charged, an individual's prior criminal record and that person's ties to the community. The prosecution must first prove that the offense was committed by a particular person with the standard of proof being proof evident, presumption great. It is a higher standard than beyond a reasonable doubt. After a mini-trial, if the prosecution does not meet their burden, the trial court judge can set a bond. If the prosecution does meet its burden, the trial judge can still issue a bond depending on whether a person is a danger to the community or a risk of flight. If neither is the case, a bond will most likely be set. However, prior to appearing at an Arthur Hearing, most experienced Miami criminal defense attorneys will attempt to stipulate to a bond with the prosecutor. An agreement will take the judge out of the game, especially in conservative jurisdictions.

Sheriff's Office Busts Two Hernando Grow Houses, Citrus Daily, January 18, 2010.
Categories: Drug Offenses
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