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Miami criminal defense lawyer arrested in oxycodone sting

December 01, 2009

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Miami and the South Florida area have always been a haven for illegal narcotics activity and drugs. As an experienced Miami criminal lawyer, it has become apparent that the narcotics trade from simple possession to trafficking has permeated our community. The media is saturated with cases involving cocaine trafficking, marijuana trafficking, heroin trafficking and oxycodone trafficking. The media rarely covers the simple drug possession or drug sale cases. If you or someone you know is being investigated for a drug related offense, from simple drug possession to drug trafficking, it is imperative to speak with a Miami criminal attorney with vast experience is defending these types of cases.

Seeking the advice of a lawyer who handles civil matters rather than a Miami drug trafficking criminal lawyer can mean the difference in beating your case or spending a lengthy time in jail or prison. Always remember, it is imperative that a person being investigated for a drug related offense to limit their cooperation with the police. Two of the most important rules to remember are (1) Never consent to the search of your home, car, boat or person - make law enforcement get a warrant and seek the advice of a Miami drug offense criminal lawyer as soon as possible; and (2) Never make any statements to the police either spontaneously or in response to specific questions - when the police explain that you have a right to speak with a lawyer, invoke that right.

The other thing any person involved in the narcotics trade in Miami should know is that others have already been arrested for cocaine and oxycodone trafficking. These individuals are out to save their own skin. Many times, the only way this goal can be accomplished is by working as a confidential informant or "CI". A CI is usually an individual that has already been arrested in some sort of narcotics transaction. In an effort to avoid prison or jail time, including long minimum mandatory prison sentences, the CI will enter a contract with law enforcement and the local state or federal prosecutor's office. The CI has been told that his sentence will be cut by setting up drug transactions. As a Miami cocaine trafficking lawyer numerous clients have passed through these doors having been set up by a friend or acquaintance. In a nutshell, you never who will set you up to be arrested.

The aforementioned information has been provided in response to a recent Miami oxycodone arrest. The interesting part of the story is that a Miami criminal defense lawyer working as an assistant public defender sold oxycodone to an undercover detective from his North Miami Beach home. He allegedly sold 45 oxycodone tablets to law enforcement officials in exchange for $700.00. He attended his bond hearing and was released in a $25,000.00 bond. It just goes to show, that anyone can become ensnared in a narcotics transaction.

Miami Public Defender Charged in Oxycodone Case, The Miami, November 25, 2009.
Categories: Drug Offenses
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